Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Organic Advertising

Following on from my previous post I would like to talk about what I call organic advertising. The previous blog talked about the importance of conversations in marketing. Facebook have taken this online with their “Promote It” button which is situated under every post on Facebook Pages (not profiles) along with “Like” and “Comment”. To the uninitiated this takes any status update and uses it as copy for an advert. Users can keep it as is or edit the content and reach.

This is organic advertising, where someone naturally has some news or something to say and can now reach more people with their message. Firstly in attracting people to advertise and secondly in producing better, more natural copy for adverts. It works because the message is less contrived and more conversational.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Article on Marketing

What builds a brand? I would say that things that build a good brand are that your product /service offering is reliable, is of consistent quality, is easily identified and has a tangible, core or augmented unique signature.

I would also answer this question by an example of a fashion catalogue, which I received recently. It was from Fashion Union. The interesting thing about it was it had no packaging and the address was on the back page.

This immediately impressed me. No plastic bag to rip open and throw away, no sales letter, no order form, a distinct and welcome lack of bumpf with which to deal with as the company have obviously realised that these things actually act as barriers to their products. Less is more! Also, it is better for the environment, less packaging = less waste. The really good thing is that it invites you to open the catalogue straight away and see what’s inside as opposed to carefully piling it in with other unwanted mail.

The concept here is the pleasure and relief I got from seeing this is what makes me respect the brand and support it. By changing the tangible assets of the catalogue they have increased brand awareness and loyalty. The importance here is that their brand has represented good value in the actual marketing that they do to promote it. This was achieved not by telling me that buying their clothes will help me find the man of my dreams but by practical demonstration of intelligence within their marketing. This is what builds brands and brand loyalty because it engenders the respect of customers.

To build a loyal relationship with someone you need to be able to trust him or her and to build that trust they have to prove themselves and so do you. It is much the same with brands and companies and their customers. This trust is built by considered, competent, complete and consistent delivery of the product or service and the extended support developed around it.